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Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by charlesemeka85(m): 6:19pm

Nwakali and his team have redeemed themselves and I ddnt watch the game but Chaves were trailing by 2 goals and in steps in Nwakali from the 71st and game ends as a 2 all draw. It is reasonable to assume that Nwakali's introduction changed the tide of the game.
yes I streamed the match

His passes and touches distabilized the opponents midfield and defense
Phones / Re: China Battered! Tornado Blows Up And Destroys Thousands Of Houses In Siquan by talented321(m): 6:19pm
I didn't insult anybody i only talk the truth..

I quoted you because you insulted us Christians, which you can never accept if you are a Muslim.
Politics / Re: All Secretariat Within Biafraland Will Be Razed Soon - Simon Ekpa by Mazisimonekpa(m): 6:19pm
CSU officials have insisted that Mr Tinubu attended the school, but they they have also said they couldn’t authenticate his certificate under oath because they couldn’t tell where he found it.
in my next broadcast I will address Tinubu drugs carriage and talk about his Oluwole certificate

Mazi Simon Ekpa
Prime Minister
Travel / Re: The Longest Journey Of My Life by Artiiclebeast: 6:19pm

This is so so hilarious.

You deserve an award for being able to have held it in until you got home. Some aren't so lucky.

The funniest thing at such times is that it is when you are so so close to the discharge depot that you begin to lose control of your holding effort and if care fails to be taken, that's when you mess it all up because you would have lost control while at the verge of ultimate victory.

There's certainly a lesson in this to be learned and applied to life.
Sports / Re: EKSG Recalls GM Sports Council From National Youth Games Over Athletes’ Kit by Emu4life(m): 6:19pm
I represented Osun State in 2017 as a Judo athlete and I can tell you that Lagos & Ogun states are the only states that manage athlete welfare very well in SW. And the best state in sports in Delta State, athletes from abroad do come to compete for Team Delta. During my time in the National Sports festival and youth games I enjoyed Cross-River, Ondo, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna babes na dem sweet pass tongue. If you are yet to f*ck Kaduna babe you have missed a lot grin
*U be Mumu. Na wetin dey inside skirt go kee you.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by swagifted(m): 6:19pm

Sol-Ark is an American Patented version of Deye China. Victron is Victron Worldwide.

Sol-Ark is a Transformerless Hybrid Inverter, Victron is mostly a Transformer Based Inverter but has shifted from conventional transformers to Toroidal Transformers in the recent years.

Both Inverters are strong and reliable but I would choose Victron over Sol-Ark.

Power Rating:
Victron Power Factor is 1:1 for both Battery and Mains Power Inversion.
Sol-Ark Power Factor (for some models) is 1:0.8 for Battery Power Inversion and 1:1 Mains Power Inversion. Meaning that if you have a 15KW Sol-Ark, on battery you can only get 12KW total load. Load it more than 12KW is triggers over current alarm and shuts off for a few minutes.

I haven't experienced this with Victron though.

And the list of their differences continues.

hmmmm.... Na to put my head towards victron be that... There is this guy on YouTube engineer775, i have been carried away by his sol ark videos.
Jobs/Vacancies / Earn More In Nigeria, Working With Top Foreign Firm by AdvantageMedia: 6:19pm
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The solution?

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Politics / Re: Obi Is Useless, Abi? by Oilwell(m): 6:19pm

Good for you, add that to your resume if it makes you feel good

Helinues Welcome Bro on your new moniker.
Politics / UNIZIK Dismisses, Suspends Lecturers, Others For Misconduct by darling4242(f): 6:19pm
The Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, has suspended no fewer than 14 academic and non-academic staff, and other categories of employees, including students for various misconducts and offences.

About five lecturers were indicted of various offences including extortion of students who successfully completed their courses.

One lecturer was dismissed for using a student to extort money from other students. He was said to have “brazenly” listed names of students who passed his courses as having failed with the sole purpose of extorting them.

Another lecturer in the Department of History and International Relations was also dismissed after he was indicted of falsification of results and grades in favour of a student.

Three lecturers in the Faculty of Education were suspended “pending appropriate procedure” after they were indicted for obtaining money from students in exchange for unmerited scores.

The implicated students were also sanctioned, including a priest.

The priest and another were both accused of aiding and abetting examination misconduct after collecting gratification from students.

This was disclosed in a press statement on Sunday, signed by the Special Adviser, Public Relations and Special Duties, Dr. Emmanuel Ojukwu.

Ojukwu said this was a sequel to panel recommendations for the expulsion and suspension of the indicted officials, including students.

The statement read, “The Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, has taken disciplinary actions against the following staff and students for various offences.

“Principal Executive Officer 11, abandoned his duty post for a considerable length of time. As a result, he was indicted for gross misconduct and suspended from duty for six months to serve as a deterrent to other officers

“Senior Executive Officer was indicted for fraudulent financial transaction concerning the university. She was suspended for six months on half salary.

“Examination Officer in the Department of History and International Relations was indicted for clearing and graduating a student who had 12 outstanding courses. He admitted that he committed the offence and was therefore found guilty of falsification of results and grades in favour of the said student and was dismissed from the services of the university following the appropriate procedure.

“Two lecturers in the Faculty of Education were indicted for sorting, obtaining money from students in exchange for unmerited scores. They are suspended from duty following the appropriate procedure

“The students who were used for the collection of money were suspended for one academic year and one student was expelled from the university for financial fraud, swindling fellow students, exploitation and deliberate refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

“Another lecturer was indicted for sorting for grades and using a student to collect money from students. The lecturer brazenly listed names of students who passed his courses as having failed with the sole purpose of extorting them. The panel recommended him for dismissal as he was described as ‘unfit’ for the university.”

More information and the names of the indicted officers are contained in the school bulletin.

Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by M7even(m): 6:19pm
If Gift orban that was rated as an overall better striker than Boniface when they were both in the belgian league and Boniface transferred to a superior league and also excelling, it’s a clear indicator that orban might excel at the big 3 leagues

He is. I believe Orban's mindset and mental frame has been overall affected by his inability to move to a top over the summer. But it is one of those things. By January Orban will be more settled barring injury. And he will light up again.

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Politics / Re: Tribunal To Deliver Election Petition Judgment For Lagos Monday by KanwuliaExtra: 6:19pm
Lagos State?
State Capital of GBAJUE TRIBUNAL?
Please. . .


Any legal system in Nigeria is trash and should not be taken seriously.
Travel / Re: What Is The Best Country To Study And Live In As A Nigerian Student? by ErenXSatoru(f): 6:19pm
Disguy Justwise
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija “All Stars“ 2023: Live Updates Thread by davodyguy: 6:19pm

So she plans not to fv.ck with Deks for the whole week Which kind nonsense be that when whatever is happening between Deks and Venita has nothing to do with her......
Adekunle sef see am?

Adekunle was in the house with Bella for 70 days and they avoided each other very well. Hence, Kunle has no issue

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Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actor, Charles Granville Is Dead (Photos) by Archworld(m): 6:18pm
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
#pragma GCC optimize ("Ofast"wink
#define ll long long
#define pb push_back
#define ull unsigned long long
#define nl "\n"
#define vll vector<long long>
#define vull vector<unsigned long long>
#define vi vector<int>
#define vc vector<char>
#define si set<int>
#define sc set<char>
#define msi multiset<int>
#define msc multiset<char>
#define usi unordered_set<int>
#define usc unordered_set<char>
#define umsi unordered_multiset<int>
#define umsc unordered_multiset<char>
#define mp make_pair
#define all(x) x.begin(),x.end()
#define gi greater<int>()
const int MOD = 1e9+7;

bool isprime(int number) {
if (number <= 1) {
return false;
if (number <= 3) {
return true;
if (number % 2 == 0 || number % 3 == 0) {
return false;
// Check divisibility for numbers of the form 6k ± 1, where k is an integer
for (int i = 5; i * i <= number; i += 6) {
if (number % i == 0 || number % (i + 2) == 0) {
return false; // If number is divisible by i or i+2, it's not prime
return true; // If no divisors are found, the number is prime
bool ispalindrome(int n) {
int original = n;
int reversed = 0;

while (n > 0) {
int digit = n % 10;
reversed = reversed * 10 + digit;
n /= 10;
return original == reversed;
string simedit(string s) {
string result;
for (char c : s) {
if (c == '0') {
result += '0';
} else if (c == '1') {
result += '1';
} else if (c == 'B' && !result.empty()){
return result;
bool isBeautiful(const string& w) {

vector<int> freq(26, 0); // Initialize a vector to store character frequencies

// Count the frequency of each lowercase letter
for (char c : w) {
if (islower(c)) {
freq[c - 'a']++; // Increment the count for the character

// Check if all frequencies are even
for (int count : freq) {
if (count % 2 != 0) {
return false; // If any frequency is odd, the string is not beautiful

return true; // All frequencies are even, so the string is beautiful

int sumdig (int a){
int sum =0;
return sum;

int main() {
ios_base::sync_with_stdio(false); cin.tie(nullptr); cout.tie(nullptr);
//cout << "Hello World"<<nl;
//map<int, string> a;
cout << "RIP" << nl;
return 0;

TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija “All Stars“ 2023: Live Updates Thread by IghravweIG(m): 6:18pm

Once Venita leaves, Baye would move to Adekunle and this may affect Baye's votes, cos these shippers association can begin to share votes

Nigerians are so good at that.

We did for Venita too
Baye and Adekunle are not in anything.

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Politics / Nigeria's Government Vs Ghana Government by Max24: 6:18pm
I have often heard people comparing Nigeria with Ghana claiming it is better than Nigeria due to Rawlings coup then.Some even say the fuel price is better and so on. Today, I learnt that Ghanians are protesting against their govt for inability to eat eat three square meals. Does it mean that things are tough everywhere or not. Why then do some people criticise everything the new govt does as if things are better anywhere else or is this all a case of Animal farm by some desperate politicians to hijack power to themselves without having a solution to Nigerias complex challenges. Even people who were at best mediocres at State level now claim to have solution to Nigerias problems. Why do some people want Nigeria to collapse simply because their candidate lost in a free and fair election?

ACCRA, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the Ghanaian capital Accra on Saturday for a third day of anti-government protests linked to economic hardship that have led to dozens of arrests.

Protesters, some waving placards or the Ghanaian flag, decried the high cost of living and a lack of jobs as they marched under the watch of riot police. The gold-, oil- and cocoa-producing nation has been battling its worst economic crisis in a generation brought on by spiralling public debt.
The average Ghanaian can't afford three square meals (per day) ... the government doesn't care," said 24-year-old unemployed protester Romeo, who like others at the demonstration was wearing a red beret.

Police blocked the road to prevent protesters approaching Jubilee House, the seat of the presidency, which organisers Democracy Hub have vowed to occupy.

On Thursday, police said 49 people had been detained for unlawful assembly and violating the public order act on the first day of the three-day action. There was no sign of further arrests and the situation appeared calm on Saturday.
Politics / Re: Nigerians To Protest For Arrest Of Tinubu's Lawyers For Obstructing Justice by HeadlessMob: 6:18pm
Asiwaju actually needed the weekend to leave US soil as what might be revealed I'm the documents might warrant FBI and Justice Department forceful removal of Asiwaju from US soil as protocol demands..... Especially when the documents reveal identify theft which is actually a federal Crime!

Get it now? This was whispered to me by a buddy working at the States Department.

Asiwaju committed identity theft. CSU is fully aware, at least before he graduated, but like every corrupt school, they simply played along. But to be on a safer side, they didn't issued him any legit certificate.

That way, they can not go down with Asiwaju, just as their lawyer confirm in court, they can not authenticate what Asiwaju parades as his certificate from CSU!

Says who? Someone whose parents are hiding under the bed running away from Simon Ekpa boys. What a shame
Sports / Re: EKSG Recalls GM Sports Council From National Youth Games Over Athletes’ Kit by omoadeleye(m): 6:18pm
Omo, that was a disgrace to Ekiti state

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TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija “All Stars“ 2023: Live Updates Thread by Ladyhippolyta88(f): 6:18pm

Don't share hotspots too while voting

This one has been refuted oo.
Sharing hotspot does not give you the same IP address oo. I believe this was refuted weeks back. To be on a safer side everybody use your data.

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Romance / Re: Women Are Confused, And They Should Be Treated As Babies by Dizzyyish: 6:18pm
The Bible states that women should not be allowed to speak in church, if they have questions they should go home and ask their husbands. It also states that women should not be allowed to preach the gospel unless to children.

Both statements have been ignored and overridden by feminine imperative, any verse hinting to the true nature of women is conveniently ignored but you'll be hearing from the mountain tops..

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing!"
"He who finds a wife finds a good thing!!"

Even prostitutes will be shouting "He who finds a wife.."
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by DyingFetus: 6:18pm
The dark Knight (2008). 9/10
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 23 by DXYY: 6:18pm

Hey guys, how has it been?

I have been away for a while now. I hope you are enjoying your trades. For this analysis I gave weeks back, I have exited all my positions this week. Just in case someone else joined me.

Love your analysis
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija “All Stars“ 2023: Live Updates Thread by Twoclans(f): 6:18pm

IIebaye should avoid her then, because I don't understand what brought about this discussion again, the gal never do anything today na abi......

As long as ceec is concerned,that girl no reach.

She even said even if the girl wins the money that her personality bla bla BLA BLA

See Ceec that during her season when you type bitter on the internet her name will pop up .Someone that had issues with almost everyone in her set.

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Religion / Re: Record Label Asked Me To Sacrifice One Person I Loved, Turn Gay, Also Push Drugs by Kobojunkie: 6:18pm
Storyland! Storytellers!
If any of this is true, Name the label and report the crimes... NO way... that is against them as far as these story tellers, but they expect us all to swallow their bullsheet stories hook, line, and sinker.... abegi! undecided

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Politics / Re: Helinues Is Back To Nairaland Say Hello To Him by Burob: 6:18pm

Nama na me and you for nairaland
Jobless Obidient, because Nairaland pays you for been a troll on their forum?
Technology Market / Re: Neat UK Used Lenovo Thinkpad T490s - Core I5, 8th Gen, 10hrs Battery, Slim by ikechukz(m): 6:18pm
Still available
Romance / Re: Will You Be Comfortable For Ur Girlfriend To Collect Money From Her Male Friends by talented321(m): 6:18pm
If she is comfortable of me giving money or sending money to other girls no wahala...
Travel / Re: Weirdest Thing Your Eyes Have Seen In Lagos by Karleb(m): 6:18pm

you dont know what youre missing.

anyway, enjoyment is relative. i still sometimes dip bread inside tea(althogh i do it in my house)like many other people but some dont do that.

Continue adding sugar to beans, you hear.

Later on you people will say your wounds are not healing. Na diabetes you dey call enjoyment.
Computers / Re: Neat UK Used Lenovo Thinkpad T490s - Core i5, 8th Gen, 10hrs Battery, Slim by ikechukz(m): 6:17pm
Still available
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by charlesemeka85(m): 6:17pm

For you not to know, means we lack midfielders with high passing ability.

Imagine suggesting that we should overlook maestro

The second best passer of the ball in Europe’s top flight leagues 🤕🤪

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